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Miss Raven

Wire wrapped Crystal mushroom necklaces

Wire wrapped Crystal mushroom necklaces

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These cute little mushrooms are a light, fun, summer accessory! Comes on 18in chain (in color shown). Lead and nickel free.

Opal - The Opal stone represents amplification, higher hope, and divine purity.

Rose quartz- Rose quartz is known as a healing crystal and the stone of unconditional love. It's believed by some to emit strong vibrations of love, which are thought to: support emotional and relationship healing

Rainbow moonstone - Rainbow moonstones are known as a sacred stone that provides psychic protection to shield people from negative emotions, giving a sense of peace, mental clarity, and emotional balance.

Howlite - Howlite is a beautiful white stone representing the spiritual qualities of stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness

Amethyst- a symbol of peace and unification. It is also thought to evoke feelings of serenity and calmness in those who wear it. Amethyst is often used during meditation to provide an overall sense of spiritual balance

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