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Miss Raven

16k gold gemstone necklace

16k gold gemstone necklace

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These beautiful gemstones make the perfect minimalist accessory to any outfit! No 2 stones are alike so the charm you receive make not look like the ones in the photo. 
L to R: Natal Jasper, dyed blue howlite, howlite, labradorite 
Natural Jasper - know to sustain and support you during times of stress by bringing serenity and wholeness. Jasper stones are thought to absorb negative energy, providing protection when worn. Jasper can help to: Ground you and provide

Howlite- a stone of patience and perspective, for those who feel they need to slow it down, absorb, and clear the constant stream of chatter from the mind, it's a crystal that marries you to a more mindful way of life.

Labrodorite-  You will be able to recognize your inner wisdom and listen to the messages of your higher self. You can use this crystal to strengthen your faith in yourself, access a deeper state of consciousness, and improve your trust in the universe.

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